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We are more than a traditional retail shoe store.

We combine running speciality with casual shoes and sandals to fit each person. Whether you want a running shoe—work shoe—outdoor active shoe—or just a shoe or sandal for every day, we can fit you with a great feeling shoe.

Combining over 15 years in shoe retail (specifically run specialty) and over 35 years of medicine – physical therapy, athletic training and pedorthics—Carolyn and Staff offer their expertise in providing exceptional customer service and knowledge of the foot and shoes. 


Frozen H3
Jan 14 – Jan 17 all-day

Race Distances: 212 miler, 140.6 miler, 100k night race, 100-miler

Welcome to Frozen: H3! This event, is identical to the Hell Hole Hundred with the exception of the ridiculous heat and humidity. We operate on the same course and come across some of the same aid stations! Sounds easy…right?

Water and Doc Scotts Electrolytes, Recovery Water RX will be placed at locations roughly 6 miles apart

All runners are required to check in at the occupied aid stations. If someone is not present, You must check yourself in as passing through the aid station.

Time Frame
212 miles in 78 hours (must meet a cut off of 6 loops, 108 miles in 34 hours to continue running)
140.6 miles in 43 hours
100 miles in 30 hours
100k in 22 hours (both day and night events)


Feedback From Our Customers

  • I am so thankful for the help and service I received. Natalie put me in some awesome shoes that fit properly and really help my health issues. I suffer from lower back problems and neuropathy in my left leg. These are the best shoes I've ever had!
  • Never had people more knowledgeable sell me shoes before. Usually its, "Yes, this is a shoe and we have them." I went in for an insert but learned my shoe was just the wrong size. Got some new ones and the feel great. Thanks for the kicks. I'll be back when I need new ones.
  • I'm so happy with my shoes and the service. I was totally wearing the wrong size shoe. I will be going back for another pair as soon as they come in. Thanks so much for your help and fun sense of humor.
  • Can't say enough about how helpful Carolyn and Brent have been in helping me stay in shoes that fit my running needs. And the Sat. morning runs with Marc and Brent are superb!
  • Thanks Carolyn and the rest of The Foot Store staff for all of your help in making sure I had the proper footwear. You and your staff could not have been more pleasant to deal with and I intend on sharing my experience with all of my running club friends!
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